product:high-temperature vacuum inductive sintering furnace
load mode:horizontal
limit vacuum degree(pa):1.3×10 -1 pa

vacuum high-pressure gas quenching furnace


it is a bigger vacuum inductive sintering furnace with ultrahigh-temperature,which is industrial production of carbonization sintering, and for some materials'study in physics and chemic performance, such as high melting point metal, hard metal,metal ceramic etc.the furnace use the intermediate frequency power supply to induct graphite for heating,the advantages of which are,to gain the higher thermal efficiency and well produce condition, to economize energy, to run reliably, and to operate's ideal euqipment for high-temperature sintering.




2300 ℃

ultimate pressure

5×10 -1 pa

rising pressure rate

1.3 pa/h

intermediate frequency of power upply

50~200 kw


50~ 1000 kg