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เตาอบเตาอบ เตาอบ 



เตาอบ are important engineering device that are used for various heat treatment and applications. they are available in various size and configuration. the ovens use heating elements like arc, combustion, electric or resistance, induction etc.

  • for uniformity there is high capacity recirculation blower.

  • the heating system is uniform around the periphery of the workspace.

  • the device is provided with heavy duty exterior.

  • mixing is achieved through fresh incoming air.

  • chamber can be loaded easily.

  • the insulation reduces energy consumption and increase your productivity and efficiency.

  • temperature control is easy.

  • easy to operate and install.
  • drying
  • preheating
  • baking
  • stress relieving
  • curing
  • tempering
  • aging

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