PROFIBUS PCI CARD,Support Labview, C, C++ Master/Slave Interface

Profibus PCI Card
  • Product name:Profibus PCI Card,Support Labview Master/Slave Interface
  • Type:Networking Configurator software,Support DPV0 Master Class,DPV0 Salve,DPV1 Master Class 2,Support Labview Real-Time System.
  • Labview application to Siemens PLC profibus, Profibus IO,other brand Profibus
  • Brand: Comsoft
  • Price: 1599USD include DHL International transport fee(Door To Door )
  • Made in Germany
  • Profibus PCI Card(1)
  • Profibus PCI Card(2)
  • Profibus PCI Card(3)
  • Profibus PCI Card(4)
  • Profibus PCI Card(5)
  • Profibus PCI Card(6)
  • Profibus PCI Card(7)

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