Eclipse Burner TJ0075

Eclipse ThermJet Burners TJ0075
  • Gas Burner: Eclipse Burner TJ0075
  • Model: Eclipse ThermJet Burners TJ0075
  • Capacity: 750,000Btu/h = 189,000Kcal/h = 220kW/h
  • Inlet Gas Pressure: 3.2kPa = 32mBar = 14"WC
  • Sensor: Flame Rod or Uv Sensor
  • Brand: Eclipse Kato Burner Co.,Ltd.Eclipse ThermJet Burners TJ0075 Specifications
  • Made in U.S.A 100%
  • Applications: Tempering Furnaces, Hardening Furnaces, Reheating Furnaces, Fluidized Bed Dryers, Thermal Oxidizers, Non-Ferrous Melting,Ladle/Tundish, Glass Lehrs Environmental Applications,Preheated Air
  • Eclipse Burners TJ0075(1)
  • Eclipse Burners TJ0075(17)
  • Eclipse Burners TJ0075(2)
  • Eclipse Burners TJ0075(3)
  • Eclipse Burners TJ0075(4)
  • Eclipse Burners TJ0075(5)
  • Eclipse Burners TJ0075(7)
  • Eclipse Burners TJ0075(8)
  • Eclipse Burners TJ0075(9)
  • Eclipse Burners TJ0075(10)
  • Eclipse Burners TJ0075(11)
  • Eclipse Burners TJ0075(12)
  • Eclipse Burners TJ0075(13)
  • Eclipse Burners TJ0075(14)
  • Eclipse Burners TJ0075(15)
  • Eclipse Burners TJ0075(16)

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