Fiber Plast

Fiber Plast
  • Product name:Fiber Plast Datasheet
  • Applications: infrared burner plate joint,Furnace maintenance,Firebrick Split(crack), Furnace door's brick cracking.
  • Max temperature range: 1260'~1400'C
  • Material : Al2O3 and SiO2
  • Heat capacity [kj/kgK] 1200'C : 1.06
  • Origin: Austria
  • Brand: Rath
  • fibreplast(1)
  • fibreplast(2)
  • fibreplast(3)
  • fibreplast(4)
  • fibreplast(5)
  • fiberplast(6)
  • Preferred field of application

    1>.Furnace maintenance

    2>.Filling of gaps and cracks in fibre and IFB Linings

    Notices for use:

    1>.Stir well before use (with the exemption of material shipped in sleeves and cartridges)

    2>.Apply by means of spatula,trowel,cartridges, Quickplaster of Fibreplaster

    3>.Please notice instruction s for use