Kromschroder ZKIH 700/100R

Kromschroder ZKIH 700/100R
  • Kromschroder Gas Pilot Burner: ZKIH 700/100R
  • D-49018 Osnabruck,Germany
  • Kromschroder ZKIH 700/100R
  • 84214070
  • Gas:B,G,D
  • Pmax: 5kw
  • Gas types: natural gas, LPG(gaseous) and cok oven gas.
  • Gas inlet pressure: 5~50mbar (2~20"WC)
  • Air inlet pressure: 5~30mbar(2-12")
  • Ignition: direct spark igntion(5kV igntion transformer)
  • Protective tube: stainless steel.
  • Flame tube: heat-resistant steel.
  • Max. temperature at the tip of the flame tube: <1000'C
  • brand: Krom//schroder brand:Krom//schroder
  • ZKIH 700/100R Standard Manual
  • Kromschroder ZKIH 700/100R(1)
  • Kromschroder ZKIH 700/100R(2)
  • Kromschroder ZKIH 700/100R(3)
  • Kromschroder ZKIH 700/100R(4)
  • Kromschroder ZKIH 700/100R(5)
  • Kromschroder ZKIH 700/100R(6)
  • Kromschroder ZKIH 700/100R(7)
  • Kromschroder ZKIH 700/100R(8)
  • Kromschroder ZKIH 700/100R(9)
  • Kromschroder ZKIH 700/100R(10)
  • Kromschroder ZKIH 700/100R(11)
  • Kromschroder ZKIH 700/100R(12)
  • Kromschroder ZKIH 700/100R(13)
  • Kromschroder ZKIH 700/100R(14)

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  20. Kromschroder GT31-60T3E


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    Pressure Relief Valve,DN25 1"