aluminum melting furnace

aluminum melting furnacealuminum melting furnace

this aluminum melting furnace( gas fired melting furnace) is designed to serve various industrial purposes. it consist of various elements like fe, al, cr, which are supported by numerous other equipments for better heat distribution of heat and longer lifetime of the element. these aluminum melting furnace are capable of any type of alloys. these furnaces are well insulated that allows a better heat and energy distribution, which improves the crucible life expectancy. the aluminum furnace are available in various size and capacities.

common features of the aluminum melting furnace( gas fired melting furnace) :

  1. for melting aluminum there are different fe, al, cr heating elements.
  2. the furnace are well insulated.
  3. the heating is uniform.
  4. some aluminum furnace are consist of digital indicating controller.
  5. the aluminum melting furnace are easy to install, operate, and manipulate.
  6. crucible can be easy replaced.
  7. normally the electrical aluminum furnace also consist of swing top cover with lateral displacement


based on the types of heating used by aluminum furnace, they are classified into two types- electric aluminum furnace and gas fired furnace.

electrical aluminum furnace:

aluminum melting furnaceelectrical aluminum furnace

the left an electrical aluminum melting furnace consist of a vessel for supporting molten aluminum and a roof and upper wall structure cooperating with side walls of the vessel to define a heating chamber above the molten aluminum. large number of unshielded resistance heating elements are supported by the roof and upper wall structure above the molten aluminum.

there is a charging well which is submerged and from where molten aluminum has access to a charging well to which unmelted aluminum is periodically charged without danger of splashing molten aluminum upon the heating elements.

the chamber from where heat is conducted is heating chamber. heat conducted through the body of molten aluminum residing in the vessel is utilized to melt in the charging well the aluminum charged thereto.

the melted aluminum in the charging well flows through the heating chamber and through a submerged opening to a hot metal well from which hot metal may be withdrawn by any of numerous techniques.

the arrangement of the heating chamber is aligned in such a way that that helps in the preservation of an oxide skin at the surface of the molten aluminum residing within the heating chamber.