salt bath furnace(crucible salt bath furnace)

pit tempering furnacethis salt bath furnace mainly used for spare parts metal parts quenching, the cyaniding, crucible salt bath heat treatments and so on annealing and tempering use, especially is suitable for the fastener, the standard letter heat treatment.

salt bath furnace (crucible salt bath furnace) structure description:
the ryg2 series energy conservation crucible salt bath by the furnace shell, the furnace lining, the crucible, the crucible cover, the heater element and the upper hood part is composed. furnace shell by section and steel plate welding full circle tubular, the chamber becomes by the 0.6g/cm3 ultra light quality micro bead energy conservation fireproof brickwork, the endophragm all around even installment heater element, the crucible salt bath's chamber and the furnace shell fills the aluminum silicate textile fiber felt and the inflation heat preservation powder thermal insulation material, in the chamber places the high-temperature steel crucible, uses in the splendid attire salt fluid, the crucible cover by two semicircle constitutions, but rotates nimbly, covers has two holes, supplies the journal to hang the work piece. on the crucible salt bath's furnace shell is loaded with the circular upper hood, the crown has the air vent to put through the wind system series, removes the noxious gas, lower part the upper hood has the cover gate which and the port hole two leaves may rotate. has a row of class hole in the furnace shell dead ahead, with the aim of eliminating in the chamber frequently the dunghill, when because of corrosion oxidation cause crucible leakage salty fluid, may also the mouth flow out outside from the crucible salt bath, protects the heater element and the furnace lining sends receives the damage. when work, squeezes in aluminum silicate textile fiber cotton and kapok outside the drainage port, outside may prevent the cold air to enter the chamber to affect the furnace temperature

parameters name unit model
fd-ryg2-20-8 fd-ryg2-35-8
rating power kw 20 35
rating voltage v 380 380
highest temperature 850 850
working temperature 850 850
phase number   3 3
dia. mm φ200 φ300
height mm 350 500
heating element   y
heating-up time h ≤2 ≤2.5
lose power kw ≤8 ≤12
maximum loading kg 150 350
weight kg 1200 1350
parameters name unit mode l(2)
fd-ryg2-60-8 fd-ryg2-54-11
rating power kw 60 54
rating voltage v 380 380
highest temperature 850 1100
working temperature 850 1100
phase number   3 3
dia. mm φ400 φ450
height mm 575 600
heating element   yy y
heating-up time h ≤2.5 ≤2.5
lose power kw ≤18 ≤16.5
maximum loading kg 800 800
weight kg 1600 1600