gas igniter gj-302c
  • product name:GAS IGNITER GJ-302C
  • Input Voltage:AC220V - 240V
  • Output Voltage : 16~18KV minlmum
  • Auto: on and off igniton
  • Circumstanes temperature : -10 'C to 60'C
  • origin: TaiWan
  • Applications: L.P.G. and Nature gas. Oil.Etc more..pdf
  • gas igniter gj-302c(1)
  • gas igniter gj-302c(2)
  • gas igniter gj-302c(1)
  • gas igniter gj-302c(4)
  • gas igniter gj-302c(5)
  • gas igniter gj-302c(6)
  • gas igniter gj-302c(7)
  • gas igniter gj-302c(8)
  • 1. Input voltage:AC-220V~240V, 50/60Hz. [AC-110V~120V, 50~60HZ.]
    2. Output high voltage for igniting:16~18KV.
    3. The Solenoid should be at working condition while ignition.
    4. The igniting action will be stopped accordingly while the Main Fire is burning. The igniting
    action will start again automatically if the Main Fire is extinguished.
    5. Both the Igniting Pilot Light and Burning Pilot Light will follow on or off in accordance with
    their own operation.
    6. The Main Fire Solenoid should be shut itself and warning if the igniting time is more than 22
    seconds (approx.). May have an Alarm device or a Caution Pilot Light to show the warning.
    7. This Igniter can match the Temperature Controller together to make an excellent automatic
    temperature control.
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